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We provide professional coaching and training services to individuals and organisations throughout the UK and Europe.


Career Coaching

Our careers are a very important part of our lives and yet we often feel we are stuck in the wrong job. Career coaching can help you to get past perceived barriers and bring about changes you considered out of your reach.


Career Coaching for Academics

Career coaching for academics as a short-term intervention can make the difference between success and failure in an increasingly competitive environment. We offer support for academic staff and students alike.


Intercultural Coaching

Whether you live, study or work abroad, work with international colleagues as part of a home-based team or as a frequent visitor to overseas countries, intercultural coaching enables you to interact more effectively.


“My coaching journey with Anya was life-changing. She placed me in a great place where I could be completely open; and her sensitivity to the things I was not saying caused our sessions to be very rich and meaningful. I am more in control of my life, especially emotionally, which was a massive breakthrough for me. It was very exciting for me to have had Anya as my coach. She made all the difference. I am now a stronger person: self-employed, a businesswoman, a leader, a mother, a wife and grandmother, who now coaches too.”

—Marcia Levine, Coach and Small Business Owner, Birmingham

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Single sessions start from £90; coaching packages from £295.
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