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Are you fed up with your career?

Career change

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, our Career Change Programme will benefit you. It allows you to take control and be more proactive. We support people who would like to change careers and guide them through the process from their first decision to change careers to settling into their first new job. In a tailor-made programme for your needs we will cover such issues as:


Having Anya as a career coach was an extremely positive experience. She helped me find new ways of approaching problems and offered me new insight into myself and my career issues, which helped me out of the vicious circle I was stuck in. She gave me the confidence to take the decision not to follow a certain career path, but instead pursue a portfolio career, the possibility of which I had not considered before. Without Anya I would still be raking over the same old ground. However, with her dedication, support and guidance I am back on track and moving forwards, and I now feel much more positive about the future and the direction in which I am heading.

—Career coaching client, Manchester