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Career Coaching

Choosing the right path

In a world of constant change we are faced with new situations and pressures on a regular basis. Our careers are a very important part of our lives and yet we often feel we are stuck in the wrong job. Career coaching can help you to get past perceived barriers and bring about changes you considered out of your reach.

Are you constantly overwhelmed by the pressures of work?

Whether you are an individual who would like to work through professional issues, or a company that employs a coach for their staff, the benefits of effective professional development are improved performance and higher satisfaction levels for both employee and employer. Read more…

Are you fed up with your career?

Our Career Change Programme allows you to take control and be more proactive. We support people who would like to change careers and guide them through the process from their first decision to change careers to settling into their first new job. Read more…

Are you thinking of taking redundancy?

Our tailor-made Redundancy Programme supports people through the redundancy process and guides them to see what new choices the job market has to offer. Read more…

Are you self-employed and frustrated?

Our programmes for the self-employed can help you get more clients, work smarter, gain clarity and focus. Read more…

Single sessions start from £90; coaching packages from £295.
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