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Intercultural Coaching

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Whether you live, study or work abroad, work with international colleagues as part of a home-based team or as a frequent visitor to overseas countries, intercultural coaching enables you to interact more effectively.

Knowing the language of the host country is an excellent start, but usually there are an infinite number of unwritten rules that you are unaware of when crossing cultural barriers. When people from different cultures interact, not only do they bring their own backgrounds with them, but they also step into a third space and create a new context. This context and the effortlessness of the (private or professional) interaction are enhanced by intercultural competency.

Intercultural coaching develops your competency and allows you to enter a cross-cultural situation with increased awareness, more cultural sensitivity and therefore more self-confidence. Intercultural coaching not only uses the coaching process, but also increases your awareness of cultural factors such as national characteristics, national values and norms, different perceptions/worldviews and different styles of interacting. The coach thus becomes a guide who supports the client until they feel confident and comfortable enough in cross-cultural encounters to proceed by themselves.

Dr Anya Louis has worked in intercultural work environments in American, Colombian, German and Spanish cultural contexts, not to mention London and South Yorkshire, and passionately believes that there are more things that unite us than divide us.