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“My coaching journey with Anya was life-changing: she placed me in a great place where I could be completely open, and her sensitivity to the things I was not saying caused our sessions to be very rich and meaningful.

I am more in control of my life, especially emotionally which was a massive breakthrough for me. This has helped me in how I relate and understand others. I have a different mindset which is continually evolving due to my quiet times.

Coaching has affected my life where I now have a deeper sense of consciousness and inner peace, where I am happy being me and willing to learn, change and grow.

I believe everyone needs a coach, because there is so much more to each of us than meets the eye. It was very exciting for me to have had Anya as my coach she made all the difference. I am now a stronger person, self-employed, a businesswoman, a leader, a mother, a wife and grandmother who now coaches, too.”

—Marcia Levine, Coach and Small Business Owner, Birmingham

“I’m always having such a good time with Anya. She combines serenity and humour very effectively in the sessions. An excellent listener and valuable “shepherd” through the minefields of life, she’s been walking with me side by side for quite a while now. Her authentic and honest approach made me face my worst fears and with her guidance I overcame feelings of inadequacy. My life has been transformed as a result and I’ve managed to take off the veil –metaphorically speaking – and see my beautiful self in the mirror that Anya held up for me. I’ve gone from feeling completely overwhelmed to being more in control, from confusion to clarity and, most importantly, from stress to serenity. I urge everybody who wants to change their careers to start talking to Anya. She’s a consummate professional who genuinely cares about her clients, and that’s hard to come by these days!!!”

—Career change client, Brussels

“Having Anya as a career coach was an extremely positive experience. She is a wonderful listener and knows how to ask exactly the right questions to make you think about things from a different perspective. She helped me find new ways of approaching problems and offered me new insight into myself and my career issues, which helped me out of the vicious circle I was stuck in. She gave me the confidence to take the decision not to follow a certain career path and instead concentrate on setting up my own business and pursue a portfolio career, the possibility of which I had not considered before the sessions. Without Anya I would still be raking over the same old ground. However, with her dedication, support and guidance I am back on track and moving forwards and I now feel much more positive about the future and the direction in which I am heading.”

—Career coaching client, Manchester

“Anya Louis proved to be an excellent coach. Her personal style combined practical steps and challenging questions with empathy and support. In just six sessions I was able to move from being in a rut, without direction, to having a plan on what to do next and a series of options to choose from. Anya did this not only by encouraging me to complete some practical “homework” but also with personal feedback and encouragement. This was particularly helpful as feedback was always substantiated and in reference to something I had said or in relation to a stated objective. I was allowed space to clarify and explore my options and the steps I was going to take and felt supported throughout the process. I would highly recommend Anya and West One Coaching for anyone looking for a coach. Six sessions was enough for me to make some positive changes, identify and set goals and take steps to achieve them.”

—Career coaching client, Sheffield

“Anya is an excellent coach, she has a lovely way of facilitating personal and professional development, helping me to work at my own pace and giving me confidence to do things in my own way. Her clarity of style has allowed me to tease out my ideas in a straight-forward and meaningful way. She has encouraged me to be realistic about my goals and supported me to take achievable steps which have immediate results. She also has the “annoying” habit of not letting me meander but keeps me focussed on the task. As a result my gardening business is growing in a very pleasing manner and I feel much more in control of its development.”

—Gardening business, London

“Through coaching I got to know myself much better and was surprised to learn how many stumbling blocks I unconsciously put into my path. Anya helped me to overcome those obstacles without ever pushing me into a specific direction. The coaching sessions have helped me a lot to learn how to achieve small goals immediately and how not to forget about the bigger picture either.

Anya quietly walked with me through a very difficult patch in my life and gave me all the confidence I needed to bring about major life changes, both private and professional! Anya was never judging me and that was a totally new experience to me. Thank you, Anya. Yes, we can!”

—Director of family business, Dusseldorf

“I have been working with Anya for a number of years now and have been constantly impressed by the rapport she establishes with everybody around her: students, professional and academic staff as well as senior managers. She is able to win and maintain their confidence, and clearly impresses with the attention she pays to them and the positiveness of her response.

Her own life exemplifies the same approach: very focussed attention on a difficulty, careful consideration, followed by positive action. Anya has an unfailing ability to see difficulties as problems to be solved rather than obstacles to impede her, and she always applies herself to the task with energy and imagination.”

—Dr Tony Trippett, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield University

“As a person who entered coaching believing that I only needed help with my academic goals and not with other aspects of my life, I very quickly realised that the opposite was the case; without a series of small, subtle, yet significant changes in my approach to the broader spectrum of life, including certain behaviours that had unwittingly become a repetitive pattern, it would not have been possible to work towards my longer term academic goals. Apart from excellent listening skills, Anya possesses a rare gift of intuition that enables her to access the hidden subtext of what we are *not* saying, or are avoiding. She has a store of useful tips and techniques that help us to overcome the behaviours and thought processes that hinder our progress. I do recommend anyone who is struggling to move forwards with their goals to seek Anya’s help.”

—An academic at MMU, Manchester

“Anya was a great support. What you need at university is someone who is able to pinpoint your individual needs as a student and work with you to overcome any difficulties. With a strong desire to help others realise and reach their full potential, Anya was highly regarded amongst the student body.

It is because of Anya's help that I jumped a grade during the final year of my degree course. Rather than make a list of my faults and correct them, she taught me the necessary skills to allow me to identify and correct my own mistakes. Always approachable and down to earth, Anya was always the first person I would go to for help.”

—Andrew Perez, former student

“Anya has the ability to carefully consider the personal impact of change and can help others to understand what is happening and why it is necessary. Anya is effective in using a range of strategies to encourage people to engage in self reflection and make sense of conflicting priorities in their life. She is also very creative and often proposes innovative ideas and solutions to particular problems.”

—Staff Developer, Sheffield University

“I have always found Anya to be approachable, enthusiastic and an excellent listener. She provided detailed feedback with insightful and constructive comments. She also offered support and encouragement and was a calming influence at a very stressful time.”

—PhD Student, Sheffield