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What is Coaching?

Dr Anya Louis

Coaching is a personal service to an individual or group that is non-judgmental and does not provide advice, but will assist to challenge, stimulate and guide a person and help them perform better.

Effective coaching holds up a mirror so the client can see their own thinking process and become aware of their own limiting beliefs. The coach eavesdrops on a thought process, becomes a sounding board for the client and hence facilitates learning as an integral part of personal and professional development. Coaching breaks through barriers of perceived limitations and negative self-beliefs and helps you discover your real potential.

Setting goals is part of the coaching process, but almost more importantly, coaching is very much about a journey of self-discovery, ultimately leading to increased self-acceptance and self-confidence. Unlike any kind of talking therapy, coaching as an action-centred and solution-based process that moves the client forward by means of actions and measurable achievements. These actions are chosen by you, the client, and achievements will be measured by you as well. Baby steps or giant leaps -- the choice and the tempo are yours.

We're not going to 'fix' your problems. We're helping you to find your own solutions. You're the one who is in charge of your life. You're deciding what you really want.

In an ever-changing society with its increasingly rapid pace of life the need to STOP (Step back, Think, Organise thoughts, Proceed) and think what we want from life is becoming more important than ever. Individuals, groups, communities and businesses ask themselves:

"Where are we, where are we going and do we need a map?"

Coaching does just that. It takes stock of your personal or professional life, and encourages you to choose the path you are too timid to walk alone. It looks at what stops you from changing the things you'd like to change and encourages you to dream bigger dreams.

Coaching is about your life, your dreams, your way and your happiness.

How we deliver our services

The coaching process is tailored to your needs. We can arrange weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. We can meet face to face in a mutually convenient location or talk over the phone (daytime, evenings or weekends). We can provide coaching in English, German or Spanish.

We can also talk over the internet using Skype or chat online using MSN Messenger. The important thing is that you feel comfortable, and the timing is convenient for you.

All West One's coaches are accredited by the International Coach Federation and adhere to the ICF code of ethics.